Teradek User Guide

Power and Connect


Prism can be configured using its built-in web interface, which is accessible over your Ethernet network.

  1. Connect 100-240v A/C power to the power input on Prism via the enclosed IEC cable. Connect a second cable if your device includes a supplemental power supply.
  2. Connect one or both of Prism’s 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports to a network switch or router using an Ethernet cable.
  3. Connect SDI video sources to any input BNCs corresponding to installed encoder cards.
  4. Connect SDI outputs via BNC cable to your monitor/switcher/router.
  5. Using the menu joystick, navigate to the Network Settings menu on the front panel. Select a Wired interface, then verify that the IP Mode is set to DHCP.
  6. Once Prism is connected to a network, the front panel will display the current assigned or configured IP address for both Ethernet ports.

Access the Web UI

Once Prism is connected to a network, you can access the web UI and configure stream destinations, encoder parameters, and other settings for each card.

  1. Prism 1RU/2RU: Press ▼ on the card’s menu joystick to display Prism’s IP address on the front panel.
    Prism Flex: Press the menu button to cycle through the menus to display Prism’s IP address (Ethernet or WiFi).
  2. Enter the IP address in your web browser’s navigation bar.
  3. Enter the default password ”admin.”
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