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Encoder/Decoder Configuration

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Configure your decoder to receive streams from an encoder. 

NOTE: Prism units several streaming modes available such as SRT, RTMP, YouTube, and Facebook Live. The following instructions describe how to configure your cards using MPEG-TS mode as an example.


  1. Connect to the Prism encoder and open the encoder’s web UI.
  2. Open the Streaming menu, then select MPEG-TS as the streaming mode.
  3. Select a protocol, then ensure the Prism decoder is configured to receive the stream using the correct protocol:
    •TCP  →  TCP
    •TCP Server → TCP Pull
    •UDP → UDP
    •Multicast  →  Multicast
  4. Enter the destination IP address, then confirm the port is set to 9710 (default).
  5. Click Save.
  6. Connect to the Prism decoder and open the decoder’s web UI.
  7. Open the Ingest menu, then select MPEG-TS as the ingest mode.
  8. Enter the protocol, ensuring the selected protocol matches the Encoder’s protocol configuration (see step 3). Confirm the port is  set to 9710 (default).
  9. Click Save.
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