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Prism Mobile

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Use Prism Mobile’s Menu button to navigate the status screens.
Press Button: Cycle through the status screens

NAVIGATION JOYSTICK OPERATION (C) Use the Navigation Joystick to cycle back and forth through the status screens and/or switch your configurable settings.
Press Up or Down: Cycle through status screens and navigate menus
Press Forward: Edit Prism Mobile's configurable settings

  • Main screen - Displays the current stream settings and resolution
  • WiFi screen - Displays the current WiFi network and allows you to switch from AP to Client mode
  • Ethernet screens (1 and 2) - Displays the current WiFi network and allows you to switch from DHCP to Static mode
  • Modem screens (A and B) - Displays the carrier name and allows you to switch SIM cards
  • Firmware version: Displays the device name and firmware version. Hold to perform a factory reset.
  • Recording screen: Hold to enable or disable the recording function
  • Video/Encoder status screen: Displays the video input, encoder mode, and current resolution. Hold to switch the encoder mode
  • Bitrate screen: Displays the current bitrate. Press to edit the bitrate settings
  • Stream mode screen - Go Live/Begin Streaming
  • Audio Input screen - Displays the current Audio bitrate. Press to switch from Embedded, analog, or Mixed
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