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Prism Mobile

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Use Prism Mobile’s Menu button to navigate the status screens.
Press Button: Cycle through the status screens

NAVIGATION JOYSTICK OPERATION (C) Use the Navigation Joystick to cycle back and forth through the status screens and/or switch your configurable settings.
Press Up or Down: Cycle through status screens and navigate menus
Press Forward: Edit Prism Mobile's configurable settings

  • Main screen - Displays the current stream settings and resolution
  • WiFi screen - Displays the current WiFi network and allows you to switch from AP to Client mode
  • Ethernet screens (1 and 2) - Displays the current WiFi network and allows you to switch from DHCP to Static mode
  • Modem screens (A and B) - Displays the carrier name and allows you to switch SIM cards
  • Firmware version: Displays the device name and firmware version. Hold to perform a factory reset.
  • Recording screen: Hold to enable or disable the recording function
  • Video/Encoder status screen: Displays the video input, encoder mode, and current resolution. Hold to switch the encoder mode
  • Bitrate screen: Displays the current bitrate. Press to edit the bitrate settings
  • Stream mode screen - Go Live/Begin Streaming
  • Audio Input screen - Displays the current Audio bitrate. Press to switch from Embedded, analog, or Mixed


The Status OLED screen allows the user to see what function is active or inactive by the appearance of the screen (see below). The Status screen will display after 30 seconds of inactivity. 


  • CORE: Core 
    • Dotted line: Not Linked to Core 
    • Solid line: Linked to Core 
    • Solid white: Streaming to Core
  • WiFi: Wireless
    • Dotted line:
      • Client Mode: Disabled
      • Access Point Mode: Disabled
    • Solid line:
      • Client Mode: Not Connected
      • Access Point Mode: N/A
    • Solid white:
      • Client Mode: Connected
      • Access Point Mode - Enabled
  • ETH1/2: Ethernet 1/2 
    • Dotted line: Disconnected
    • Solid line: Connected
    • Solid white: Streaming 
  • MOD 1/2: Modem 1/2 
    • Dotted line: Diconnected / Disabled
    • Solid line: Connected and waiting 
    • Solid white: Connected to a Network via Modem
  • STR: Streaming
    • Dotted line: Not Configured
    • Solid line: Configured and waiting 
    • Solid white: Streaming media
  • REC: Recording
    • Dotted line: Recording Disabled
    • Solid line: Configured and waiting
    • Solid white: Recording to media
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