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Prism encoders and decoders can be remotely accessed, configured, and controlled using Teradek’s Core Cloud management and routing service. Core is a professional cloud-based solution for managing, archiving, and routing Teradek encoders and decoders.

●  Bond multiple Internet connections,  increasing your broadcast’s bandwidth and reliability
●  Remotely control Prism from anywhere in the world
●  Route live video feeds to multiple destinations and streaming platforms using the web UI
●  Record streams and archive them to the cloud in real-time


  1. From the web UI, select Cloud Services then click the Link this Device tab.
  2. Log in to Core: Enter your credentials to link Prism to your Core account, then click Next.
    Link with Code: Copy the authorization code generated for your Prism, then follow the instructions.

3. Select an Organization (if applicable).
4. Once a connection is established, you can configure and control Prism from the Core dashboard.


1. From the Sources tab, select your Prism unit by clicking on the name of the device.

2. Click the Connect video to Core tab, then select Streaming Server (Helios). If you haven't configured a server to your Core account, review this tutorial for steps on how to launch a new server.

3. Select a server, then click  Connect to a server

4. Under Connected Stream in the Encoder Details, click + Link Destination to connect channels or decoders to stream to.

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