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Decode License

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What Does It Do?

The Decode License enables Prism Flex and Prism Mobile to produce a secondary output. This allows Prism Flex and Prism Mobile to decode from any source that uses TRT, SRT, MPEG-TS, RIST, RTSP, RTMP, and Generic Stream URL decoding.

What Is It Used For?

Return Video from Core 

With the Decode License, users can reliably receive video back from any Core-enabled encoder.

NOTE: Core control is currently unavailable, but will be available soon.

Bi-Directional Video

Allows bi-directional video for high quality interactive experiences

Setup the Decode License

1. Navigate to the IP address of the Prism Flex or Prism Mobile to open the web UI.
2. From the web UI, open Licenses and click the Enter License Key tab to enter the Decode License key. If you don't have a license, please contact [email protected].

3. Open the Input / Encoding tab and ensure the Encoder Mode is set to Next-Gen, then click Save.

4. Open the System tab, and enable Decoder. Click Save when done.

5. Open the Ingest tab and configure the Ingest Settings just as you would with a decoder. Click Save when done.

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