Teradek User Guide

Connect to a Network


Prism 1RU/2RU allows you to connect to a network using an Ethernet connection, while Prism Flex can connect to a network using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or a USB modem. Use the front panel interface or the web user interface (web UI) to connect Prism to a network. 


  1. Connect one or both of Prism’s 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports to a network switch or router using an Ethernet cable. 
  2. PRISM 1RU/2RU: Press ▼ on the card’s menu joystick to display Prism’s IP address on the front panel.
    PRISM FLEX: Press the menu button to navigate to the Ethernet 1 or screen and obtain the IP address.
  3. Enter the IP address in your web browser’s navigation bar to access the web UI.


Prism Flex supports two wireless (Wi-Fi) modes; Access Point (AP) Mode (for bonding multiple cellular devices for increased bandwidth) and Client Mode (for normal Wi-Fi operating and connecting to your local router).

NOTE: You must connect to the web UI in order to switch to Client Mode or to a different network (see Access the Web UI).

  1. Connect your phone or laptop to Prism Flex’s network, Prism-855-XXXXX (XXXXX represents the last five digits of Prism’s serial number).
  2. Enter the default IP address in your web browser to access the web UI.
  3. To switch to Client Mode: From the web UI, navigate to the Network Settings and select WiFi.
  4. Select Client as the WiFi Mode.
  5. Click the WiFi scan tab, select an available network, then enter the password. Once connected, the display will list the network Prism Flex is connected to.


  1. Attach a Node II or USB modem to one or both to Prism’s USB-C ports using a 4-pin to USB-C connector cable, and/or a USB to USB-C adapter. The front panel will indicate that the modem has been detected and connected to the carrier.
  2. If the modem is not detected, connect your computer to Prism Flex’s AP network (see WIFI Network instructions above), then enter the default IP address in the navigation bar to access the web UI and configure the modem from the Network menu.
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