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New Core Pricing System Overview

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Core introduces a completely new pricing system that greatly simplifies the streaming experience. Our goal was to make it easier for our customers to estimate the cost of an upcoming stream and to better understand their monthly usage. To this end, we have removed the data-based (Gb) pricing in favor of a new time-based system where billing is done by hour.

What are the differences between Core 2.1 Plans and New Core Plans?

Core 2.1 was based on multiple variables (a user pays for both outbound data and server time) and had a variety of different server types, which can be confusing.

Core 2.1 was not intuitive given the many cost parameters so with our new plans, we opted to charge only by Egress Time (hours).

Metrics (Old)
Metric (New)

Data rate (Mbps)
Server uptime (hours)
Egress time (hours)

Egress time (hours)

Egress time is the sum of the duration of live video sent or pulled to/by each individual destination (including CDNs, decoders, Core Share (legacy Core TV) clients, file playback, etc). Think about it as your total outbound stream time.

Egress time = Streaming time x Number of destinations or clients

Example #1:

Customer wants to stream for 1 hour (streaming time) x 1 CDN (number of destinations or clients) = 1 hour of Egress time.

Example #2:

Customer wants to stream for 1 hour (streaming time) x 3 Core Share (legacy Core TV) clients (number of destinations or clients) = 3 hours of Egress time.


Customer wants to stream for 1 hour (streaming time) x 3 CDNs (number of destinations or clients) = 3 hours of Egress time.


Customer wants to stream for 2 hours (streaming time) x 2 decoders (number of destinations or clients) = 4 hours of Egress time.

Multiple Destinations: Core calculates time streamed on a per-destination basis, as demonstrated in Example 2. This means if you go to 2 simultaneous destinations, your total stream time is [2 x Stream Time]. In other words, if you stream for 1 hour to 2 destinations, your total stream time is 2 hours. If you did the same 1 hour stream, but went to 5 destinations, that would be 5 hours of streaming.

Egress time includes server uptime so customers no longer need to worry about adding cost for our most commonly used hourly servers (Hyperion/Sputnik, Helios, and Transcoders). There are a couple exceptions to this:

  1. Monthly Servers: For customers requiring servers running full-time, regardless of whether a stream is active, we still offer paid options.
  2. High Bitrate Tiers: Optional add-on pricing is provided for customers seeking to make use of 4K and ART protocol-based workflows where bit rates exceed 10mbps+.

Cloud Feature Support

Please, follow this link to know what features are included to which plan.


How will the migration happen for Core accounts with old plans?

New Core Plans will be released on Sep 22, 2022. That means that every newly created account will be able to subscribe to New Core Plans only and every current account which will voluntarily migrate to the new plan will not be able to switch back to the old pricing.

Basic 2.1 → On-demand

  • Voluntary migration to On-demand: Sept 22 - Oct 22, 2022;
  • Forced migration to On-demand: Oct 24 – Nov 24, 2022.

Plus 2.1, Pro 2.1 → Plus, Pro

  • Voluntary migration: Sept 22 - Dec 31, 2022
  • Forced migration: Jan 2 - Feb 2, 2023


  • No forced migration

Are current Enterprise plans affected?

No, current Enterprise Plans are not affected. If you want to modify your plan with the new Core pricing model - please contact [email protected].

Are there limits on the amount of encoders I can add?

No, there are no limits on the amount of encoders you can add. You can add as many as you want and if you need more gear to fulfill your streaming tasks - feel free to reach out to [email protected] , so they can advise on the best option to fit your use case.

Are there limits on the functionality of my Vidiu Go and Wave encoders in Core?

No, absolutely not! Feel free to fully expand the abilities of Core with your Wave and VidiU Go as any other Core compatible device.

To learn more about New Core Plan options and pricing, please follow this link.

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