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Streaming to Facebook from Core

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How to stream to Facebook from Core via integration?

First, go to the Core platform: you can click on the hyperlink on your device's web UI or simply open up a new tab and go to http://corecloud.tv. Once you open Core, navigate to Sources or Dashboard, then click on your encoder. On the device details page you will see Channels tab on the right side of your screen.

You are also able a new channel via Destination tab->Channels and perform the same step, described below.

1. Click the Link button to be able to open a sidebar. After that, click on create channel link.

2. Choose Facebook channel option

3. You will now to link your Facebook account to Core. Follow the instructions on the platform, configuring the API integration for streaming to Facebook Live

4. When the account is connected, enter the channel details: Name, Title, Description, as well as set the type of streaming (streaming to Facebook Timeline, Page, or Group) and Privacy settings. Then hit Create Channel button.

Once the channel is created, it will appear in the list of channels to be linked to encoder, and on the Destinations-->Channels tab

5. Link the needed channel from the list of the created ones

6. Click Go Live to start streaming to the Facebook, or Go Live All if streaming to more than 1 channel

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