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Low Latency Streaming Mode - Prism/Cube/Core

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Low Latency Streaming Mode

  • Update your Prism or Cube to the latest firmware.



Cube 700 series:


Cube 600 series:


After installing the firmware it is recommended (but not mandatory) to do a factory reset on the device. Please note that the device will get disconnected from Core after the factory reset, so make sure that you have local access to the device first.


  1. Connect the encoder to Core
  2. In Core: Link that encoder to a Sputnik server
    1. Sources -> Encoders -> “Prism-853-00053” -> “Send video to a server” -> Select a Sputnik server (not supported on On-Demand servers).
  3. On the device web UI: Set the max buffer length to 0 and disable Adaptive Bitrate
    1. Go to “Streaming”. The Stream mode should be set to “Bonding”. Then change the max buffer length to 0 and disable Adaptive Bitrate

Cube 6XX/7XX:

  1. Connect the encoder to Core. Select a Sputnik server. On-demand Sputnik servers do not support low latency mode.
  2. On the device web UI: Set the max buffer length to 0 and disable Adaptive Bitrate

3. On the device web UI: Set the Look Ahead Frames to 0

  1. Encoder -> Advanced Options -> Look Ahead Frames

4. Make sure there is only one valid internet connection, either ethernet, WiFi or LTE modem. If there are two available connections the Cube will do bonding and this will disable the low latency mode.


  1. For the lowest possible latency, disable the “Secure Mode”. If secured mode is enabled, the delay will double, from 300 milliseconds to 500 milliseconds.
    1. On the Dashboard, click on the device. If Secure Mode is selected, then uncheck it.

2. Create a new Workspace so you can share the stream.

3. On the Dashboard, click on the + sign. Name your new Workspace.

4. Add the encoder to the Workspace.

  1. The Cube would be under Encoders. The Prism would be under Inbound Streams. You can add multiple encoders to a single Workspace.

5. Share the workspace via Core TV Sharing

  1. Go to the Dashboard, then click on Core TV Sharing
  2. Select the Workspace, then add the email with which you want to share the low latency stream with. Send the invitation. You can share the stream with multiple email addresses.

3. That email will get a code that must be used to access the Core TV apps.


You must use the Core TV app or VUER app to play the low latency video.

Core TV

Core TV app is available for iOS, macOS, and Apple TV. Core TV is also available for Android, but it does not support low latency mode yet.

With the newer version of Core TV, you should see a slider under the playing video to configure the delay, lower this to the minimum.


Available for iOS and macOS

When playing the video, go to the Video tool and do a long press (double click on macOS). Lower the delay to the minimum.

If the connections on both sides are very good, you should see a delay of approximately 6 to 7 frames. Using a cloud Sputnik or a self-hosted one should not make a difference (latency wise).

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