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File Sharing on Core

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File Sync in Core is a great feature for on-set and remote playback of instant camera proxies for use as basic dailies - you will now be able to share and playback recorded takes instantly after recording from anywhere in the world.

The feature is available for  Core  Plus, Pro and Enterprise plans.

Below you will find additional information about the compatible devices and clients for viewing, and how to set up your encoder, Core TV, or Apps.

Compatible Devices:

  • Prism
  • Prism Flex
  • Serv Micro
  • Wave

Compatible clients for viewing:

  • Core TV web UI
  • Core TV mobile apps

Encoder setup

  1. Link the device to Core

2. Enable “Sync with Core”

3. Create a new folder in the Core Archive

Folder created:

4. New folder is now created in Core:

5. Start recording on the device

6. You can monitor file upload progress.

Core TV setup

  • Create a workspace.
  • Add file to the workspace (optional).
  • Enable auto file sync to the workspace:
    Go to the “Core TV” section, click “Modify workspace” and check “Automatically add files to the workspace” under the “Files Configuration” tab:
  • Enable file sharing in the workspace.
    In the same step as above, check “Share files added to the workspace” under the “Files Configuration” tab and click “Save”:
  • Share workspace.
  • Add files to workspaces:
    • By syncing/uploading files from the encoders that are added to the workspace;
    • By recording files in the cloud;
    • By adding existing files from the Archive;
      Go to the “Core TV” section, click “Modify Workspace”, open the “Sources” tab, click “Add Sources”, open the “Files” tab and select the files you want to add, then click the “Add Sources” button.


Please note, that all Core TV apps - both mobile and web - have been updated by adding a “Files” section, where you will be able to select any file from the shared workspace to view in the app.

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