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HTML5 Destination Guide

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HTML5 Playeis a new destination on Core which gives you tons of opportunities such as embed the live stream to your website via code or share it via URL to up to 15,000 viewers.

To add an HTML5 player, you need to:

  1. Navigate to 'Destinations' -> 'Channels' and select 'Create channel'.

2. Select the 'HTML5 player' option.

3. Fill in the event name and description in the respective 'Title' and 'Channel description' fields.

4. Select the appropriate region out of 3 for your broadcast. 

Optionally, set a limit on the maximum number of concurrent viewers at this stage, if you want to restrict the amount of the viewers to watch.

5. Also, you have an optional opportunity to upload a new or select an existing placeholder image for the event.

6. For additional security, you have the options to:

  • Protect the live stream with a password. It will prompt every new viewer on the page to fill in the password you'll pre-set up;
  • Add an Age Protection restriction, which indicate that the content is not suitable for individuals under 18 and will ask to click for confirmation, once the viewers will try to enter the Player's page.

7. Once all the event details are in place, link it to an encoder/stream or Helios server by clicking the 'Link Source' button.

8.  After linking to the encoder/server/stream, press 'Go live' to initiate the broadcast when you're ready.

9. Once the event is created, you can share the player's URL or utilize the embed code to feature the player on any webpage.

Once you go live on the encoder/stream page, you will see the 'Live' status (same as for all other channels).

Below, you will find the aspects of the player page:

  This appears if a password has been set, and similarly, age consent appears if that restriction is in place:

 This is the placeholder image example displayed when the event is not live:

NOTE: You can start live streaming before or after the Date&Time displayed on the page. This is the visual mark for the viewers but you have the full control of the event.

This showcases the live event when streamed live.

HTML5 Player destination is available on every Core Plan. It costs $20 per 50 streaming hours. Streaming time is calculated based on the sum of the time of every viewer watching the stream.

E.g. 1 hour live stream with only one viewer will be counted as 1 hour. However, 1 hour live stream which will be viewed by 10 individual viewers simultaneously will be counted as 10 streaming hours.

NOTE: The extra add-on of $20 per 50 hours won't be added to your invoice until the first viewer start watching your live stream. You are free to create a destination in advance, not being charged ahead of time.

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