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Intro to the Core Interface

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Core is a live streaming cloud service that offers network bonding, multi-streaming, cloud device management, point to point professional workflows and more. In this tutorial, we will introduce you to the Core user interface.

Note that we have added a modular UI feature, which you can use to customize the UI to fit your needs. You can learn about it in this document.

The functions of Core are grouped into tabs.


You’ll first be presented with the Dashboard tab. This is where all connected and online encoders and sources will be displayed. You can also create custom dashboards if needed.

Core TV

The Core TV tab contains the tools for on-set streaming and collaboration.


The QoS (Quality of Service) tab will show graphs of the bitrate, frame rate and signal strength of any connected devices.


The Sources tab shows all your connected encoders and ingested streams, whether they are online or offline.


The Destinations tab is where you can create streaming destination channels like Facebook, Youtube, RTMP etc, as well as add decoders for point to point workflows.


The Servers tab is where you can launch and control your streaming servers, which are the backbone of Core’s streaming workflows.


The Recordings tab is where you will find recordings that were either recorded in the cloud or backed up using Store and Forward technology.

Additional Settings

Click on your name in the upper right corner of the interface to access additional settings..

View My Account

Click on View My Account to access the My Account screen. Here you can access all the account controls that your account type has access to, including Subscription type, billing information, usage history, user management and more.

My Organizations

If your account is part of multiple organizations, you can switch between Organizations by clicking on My Organizations in the additional settings menu. Then choose  the organization you wish to access.


To change the look of the user interface, click Themes from the additional settings menu and choose from three different themes.


To access support documentation, click on Help in the additional settings menu. 

To review legal policies and your subscription agreement, click on Legal in the additional settings menu.


To see a list of mobile apps that work with Core, click on Apps in the additional settings menu.

For more information on each tab and settings item in the Core user interface, please refer to the respective support document in our online manual.

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