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How to Claim 100 dollar credit with Core, Vidiu Go, and Wave

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Purchasing a Vidiu Go or a Wave to use with Core allows the user to activate a free $100 credit!

New to Core?

First, make sure you have a Core Account by clicking sign up at https://corecloud.tv. Select a plan, the $100 credit will be applied to your second month as you will be charged on sign up.

During registration, you’ll need to enter your credit card number.

Once you have an account:

Once you have signed in, it’s time to connect your new Wave or Vidiu Go to Core.  

  1. Attach a valid video source to the encoder.
  2. Connect the device to an internet source (let’s assume Ethernet for simplicity).
  3. Navigate to the Sources page of Core and click Add Encoder.  
  4. Obtain a device code from each encoder

Obtain device code from Vidiu Go:

On the Vidiu Go:

  1. Select the center button and navigate to Cloud Services and choose Core.  
  2. Select Login and a code will appear.  
  3. Enter in that code into the Core Interface.

Additionally, you could navigate to the Vidiu Go IP address (available by pushing the down arrow when on the home screen) and select Authorize Your Vidiu and enter that code into the Core Interface.

Obtain device code from Wave Device:

Wave takes a slightly different approach to Core. On the Wave:

  1. Create a new event.
  2. Select Add Account.
  3. Select Core.
  4. Click Link with Code.
  5. Enter that code into the Core Interface.

Once you see your encoder in the Dashboard of Core, navigate to the top right menu and click View My Account. 

Register your device:

Select Device Registration and then find the section that says $100 Core Credit. Click Refresh List  and then next to your new Wave or Vidiu Go select Register Device. $100 should now apply to your account.


If my Vidiu Go or Wave has already been registered, am I still able to get $100? 

Unfortunately, the benefit applies to encoders that have not been used with Core. If the encoder has already been registered to Core in the past, it’s no longer available for registration.

I don’t see my encoder on the list! Does that mean it doesn’t qualify?

Make sure you have connectivity and that the Wave or Vidiu Go is showing up on the Dashboard. If video doesn’t arrive to Core, your device will not register.

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