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Helios Backup Switcher

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With Helios Back-up Switcher you can set up multiple video feeds as a cascading failover should one feed fail via RTMP, SRT, MPEG-TS or file playback.

Also, you can manually switch between the inputs, changing the primary that moment you need.

It’s a great set of features that can provide reliability (failover) for your live streams.

How to set up?

  • Launch a Helios with the ‘Back-up Switching’ option:

Please note, the full tutorial on how to launch a new server, choose the region, and the billing type you will find here.

  • Set your input types.

If you need, add more inputs. It is possible to use up to 5 inputs for one Back-up Switcher:

  • Launch the server.
  • After the server is ready, please first send the feed to the primary input (marked with the check mark) and then to all other backup inputs:
  • Now you just need to add your destinations and you are ready to Go live!

Here is a tutorial that we put together that may help show the Core workflow.

To make sure your Helios Back-up switcher works properly, follow this link for more info.

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