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Corecloud.tv is always improving its features and becoming more effective and easy-manageable for our users.

We are happy to announce Personalization of Core Interface: Enabling or Disabling Core features according to your needs. Each organization can choose Core interface by using Presets based on the identified workflows which we believe most commonly used or enable/disable a la carte features and modules.

You can find this feature under “View My account” → “Manage Organizations” → “Personalization of Core Interface” tab:

There are 6 Presets by industries with some enabled and disabled modules:

  • Broadcast
  • Pro Live Streaming
  • Houses of Worship & Churches
  • Cinema Production and Post-production
  • Public Safety
  • Independent Streamer

And 9 UI modules which can be enables/disables in a custom way:

  • Dashboard
  • QoS
  • Core TV
  • Overlays
  • Cloud recording
  • Workspaces
  • RTMP Destinations
  • Other Destinations
  • Back-up Switching
  • ART

Some features can’t be disabled automatically: some features (i.e. Core TV or Overlay Events) may have online or stopped servers, or shared workspace. This is done to protect you from either unwanted charges, or unexpected security issues. If you want to disable a feature that can’t be automatically disabled, you will see a pop-up with a warning. The following paragraph explains this in more detail.

There are a few practical notes:

  • If you have the Helios Backup-switcher server in an online state, disabling the Back-up Switching option will not delete or hide the corresponding UI.
  • If you have the RTMP or Other destination created, even after disabling the respective destination UI, previously connected channels will still be available.
  • Cloud recording UI can be disabled only if no records are being made at that moment.
  • Disabling Workspaces UI will hide the workspaces from the Dashboard only, and they will still be available in the Core TV tab.
  • Cannot be disabled if:
  • Overlays: this module cannot be disabled if there are existing created overlay events, even when they are stopped
  • ART:  this module cannot be disabled if there are existing ART servers or devices on the account,
  • Core TV: this module cannot be disabled if there are existing shared workspaces already,
  • Other destinations: this module cannot be disabled if there are decoders that are currently connected to sources

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