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Network communication requirements for using Helios Server

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Inbound Network Connections

Inbound connections originate from outside the Helios server, and arrive at the Helios server on the indicated port.

If the Helios server is behind a firewall, the necessary ports will need to be forwarded to the internal, private IP address of the Helios server.


RTMP Ingest: 
Primary 5555/TCP, Input 1 5556/TCP, Input 2 5557/TCP, Input 3 5558/TCP;

SRT Ingest:
Primary 5555/UDP, Input 1 5556/UDP, Input 2 5557/UDP, Input 3 5558/UDP;

MPEG-TS Ingest: 
Primary 5555/TCP/UDP, Input 1 5556/TCP/UDP, Input 2 5557/TCP/UDP, Input 3 5558/TCP/UDP;

WebRTC Ingest: 8888/TCP

Teradek Bond: 5111/TCP/UDP



FLV (live preview): 3333/TCP
SRT: 2222/UDP
Logs: 1959/TCP
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