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Using older generation Teradek encoders with Core

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Applies to:

  • 1st / 2nd generation Cube encoder
  • 1st generation Slice encoder
  • Bond / Bond II / Bond Pro
  • 1st generation T-RAX encoder



When using older generation units with Core, it can take 3 to 4 minutes for the device to boot up and appear online in the Core interface and be ready to stream, even when using the recommended 7.3.14 firmware release.

Additional steps are sometimes required to have the video encoding and preview images appear properly or to start a stream. 


Workarounds / Troubleshooting


Firmware version 7.3.14 is recommended for these older devices instead of later versions such as 7.3.16 or the final 7.3.18 release.

The 7.3.14 version has been found to have the most consistent performance and results when used with Core.

This firmware version is available at the respective product's download page (direct link here, or go to teradek.com > SupportDownloads, choose the product, then click the Show Previous Versions button).

If the encoder has been connected for 5 to 10 minutes in Core and instead of preview images shows "Waiting for Control", "Initializing Video", or other messages in the preview area, or it gives an error when trying to start a stream, try the following troubleshooting steps in this order:

1) Restart the Hyperion server

  • if you are using a dedicated Hyperion server, then restart the Hyperion server using the Core interface (do not use the older Hyperion Dashboard, use the option in the Core interface under Engines for that specific Hyperion server).
  • If you are using the default / On Demand Hyperion servers then you are unable to restart as they are a shared resource with no direct control. You can try switching to a different On Demand Hyperion server group, then back to the original. 

2) Restart the video encoding process

  • on the 2nd generation Cube / Slice / Bond II / Bond Pro encoders, use the display and menu buttons on the side of the unit:  press the red button to access the Quick Action, menu scroll to the bottom and select Restart Encoder. This will take approximately 30 seconds, but is faster than rebooting the entire unit and can help if you see it waiting in Initializing Control or other states in the preview area of the Core interface.
  • on 1st generation Cube or the 1st generation T-RAX encoder, or any other device where you don't have physical access to the unit you can use the device's local web interface or the option within the Core interface to restart the video encoding process on the Cube from within the Core UI under the settings for the device.

3) Reboot the encoder

  • reboot the encoder using the power switch on the device, the local web interface or the option through the Core interface, and then try the steps above if needed.
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