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Frame.io is a collaboration platform that allows video producers and editors to privately upload, review, and share media with their entire crew from anywhere in the world. NOTE: You'll need to have a subscription before using Frame.io

Connect to Frame.io

1. From the web UI, select Cloud Services, select Frame.io, then click the Link this Device tab. 

2. Copy the authorization code generated for your Serv device by clicking the Copy tab. 

3. Log in to your Frame.io account, then create a project by tapping the sign next to your account name (see image). 

4. Enter a project name, then toggle the C2C Connections switch to enable your Serv device to upload video. Click the Create Project tab.

5. Click the C2C Connections tab above, then click the Add new device tab (see image).

6. Click the Device ready to connect tab. 

7. Enter the authorization code you copied, click Authorize, and then Finish.

8. Once successful, Serv will be listed under the C2C Connections tab (see image). All future recordings will be listed under the Media tab.


PIX collaboration workflows bridge feature film, streaming, and broadcast television from production origination to post-production, providing the highest quality, most trusted solutions for collaborative review for executives, filmmakers, and content creators.

Connect to PIX

1. From the web UI, select Cloud Services then click the Link this Device tab under PIX.
2. Copy the authorization code generated for your Serv device, then click on the link provided.

3. Log into your PIX account.
4. Click Confirm to authorize your Serv device, then click Allow on the following screen.

5. Return to the PIX section in the Serv web UI and click PIX Device Manager. Click the link icon that corresponds to your device.

6. Select the project name, then select the folder to which you want your files to be delivered. Click Confirm.

7. Return to the PIX UI and click the Browse Files icon in the upper left corner. Double-click the folder name to view the files.

8. Double-click the file name to view or play the file.

Sony Ci

Upload 4K HDR files automatically and deliver frame-accurate proxies instantly without waiting for dailies or any additional apps. Review, clip, reformat, and share files in minutes without leaving the cloud. With Sony Ci, you can unlock numerous opportunities, such as:

  • Remote Collaboration and Live Notes
  • Review and Instant Editorial
  • Automatic OCF Sync
  • Continuity Across Imaging Chain
  • Accurate Review on all Screens

Connect to Sony Ci

1. Log in to your Sony Ci account.
2. From the workspace, click Add New, then select New File Request.

3. Create a name for your encoder/camera, and enter a time frame or expiration date.

4. Click the Create File Request tab.

5. Click Show File Request Code, then click the Copy tab.

6. Return to the Serv web UI Cloud Services section, scroll down to Sony Ci, then click the Link this Device tab.

7. Paste the File Request Code in the corresponding field.

8. In the Recordings tab, set Auto-Record to On Camera Event and the Camera SDI Metadata to the camera you plan to use. Then click Save. NOTE: Ensure that there is an SD card installed.

9. Turn on Sync with Sony Ci.

10. Click Start Recording at the top of the web UI

11. Once the recording has stopped, refresh the Sony Ci web UI to display your newly recorded files. The new clip will also appear in the Recorded Files section of your Serv's web UI.

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