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Serv Manager

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Serv Manager allows you to remotely configure all of your Serv unit's settings while monitoring your stream’s destination, bitrate, bonding status, and resolution to ensure you maintain a stable stream. Serv Manager is available for iOS devices.

Main Screen (A) - Displays the preview, streaming destination, audio and video bitrates, and resolution of your livestream.
Link/Unlink iOS Device (B) - Tap the Link/Unlink iOS tab to enable/disable the use of your cellular phone’s data as an Internet connection.

Tap the Stats (C) button at the top of the screen to display Prism’s serial number, current audio and video bitrates, runtime, recording status, IP address, and network.

Tap the Settings (D) button to configure the following options:

  • Streaming - Configure your streaming method and destination
  • Cloud Services - Connect your Serv unit to Core or Frame.io
  • Recording - Enable recording and select a media storage option
  • Input/Encoding - Adjust the Video and Audio input settings
  • Network - Choose a method of connecting to the Internet
  • System - View the model and serial number of your device, or rename your Serv unit.
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