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Core Comms is an all-encompassing, cloud-powered communication ecosystem that allows users to communicate and collaborate with broadcast stations, camera operators, producers, and remote staff via Core Share. This comprehensive IFB and Intercom solution empowers broadcasters with unparalleled efficiency, integrating roles, equipment, and locations.


  • Core Comms uses Core Share workspaces to group devices and apps for communication.
  • Core Share generates a share code for you to log in instead of your typical login and password
  • The same share code can be reused to configure all your devices
  • If you have multiple workspaces, Core Comms will allow you to choose which workspace you want to share/view
  • Core Comms requires headphones or a mic to communicate. Otherwise, it will not work
  • To use your phone with Core Comms, you must download the Core Share App


1.  From the web UI, select Cloud Services then click the Link this Device tab.
2. Log in to Core: Enter your credentials to link Prism to your Core account, then click Next.
    Link with Code: Copy the authorization code generated for your Prism, then follow the


1.  Click Core Share from the sidebar menu, then select the workspace you will share.

2. Tap the workspace’s Share button to open the Comms Sharing window.

3. Select how you want to share the workspace (email, SMS, or link). To generate a share code Via Email or Via SMS, enter the email address or phone number, then click Send Invitation. To share Via Link, click the Generate tab, copy the link, then share the URL using any communication method you choose.

1. Return to the Prism UI and select Core Comms.
2. Tap Link this Device and enter your email and the code you received. Click Next.

3. Select an Organization (if applicable), then click Connect. Your device is now connected.

1. Copy the share code, and open the URL provided via text.
2. Tap the drop-down menu and select Via Phone Number.

3. Enter your phone number and the share code provided in the text, then tap login.


1. Once the device is connected, return to the Prism web UI and select Core Comms.

2. Tap the My Workspaces tab and select a workspace.

3. Connect your headphones/microphone to your device.

4. Select the Microphone Input type (USB, Analog Mic, or Analog Line In).

5. Tap the Join Call tab.

1. Click on the shared link you received to open the workspace in your web browser.
2. Click the View stream tab to open the Stream Details.

3. Click Text Chat to communicate via text, then type in your message and press the enter/return button on your keyboard to send the message. Anyone connected to the shared workspace will be able to communicate via text chat.

4. For Voice Chat, click the Voice Chat tab, then click the green phone icon. NOTE: Ensure your headphones/microphone are connected to your computer.

You are now able to communicate with other users who have access to the workspace once the other user(s) joins the call.

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