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Video and Audio Settings

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  • Video Input (Serv 4K) - Select SDI or HDMI as the source of the video input, or select Auto to automatically detect the type of video input.
  • Codec (Serv 4K) - Select either HEVC or H.264 compression formats.
  • Resolution - Serv 4K: Maintain the input’s native resolution (Auto), or select one from the list of commonly used resolutions (Common). Serv Micro: Select Auto to maintain the input’s native resolution, or select from the list of commonly used resolutions
  • Bitrate Selection  - Select your stream’s target bitrate from a list of bitrate figures (List), or manually enter a custom bitrate (Custom). You can also select Auto to automatically match the video input's bitrate. Lower bitrates require less bandwidth and may allow for a more stable stream. Higher bitrates offer better video quality, but require more network bandwidth.
  • Colorimetry - Adjust your stream’s color parameters
  • Bit Depth: The Bit Depth setting determines how many bits are used for each color component in a video stream. 8-bit color depth is sufficient for most live streaming applications, while 10-bit color depth is required for HDR workflows or other instances where higher color resolution is required. NOTE: 4K inputs will be streamed at Full HD resolution when 10-bit encoding is selected.
  • Chroma Subsampling  - Chroma Subsampling is a compression method that reduces the color information and file size in a signal in favor of luminance data and decreased bandwidth. 4:2:2 has half of the chroma (intensity) of 4:4:4 video and reduces the bandwidth of an uncompressed video signal by one-third with little to no visual difference. 4:2:0 has one quarter of the chroma of 4:4:4 and reduces bandwidth of an uncompressed video signal by half.

Advanced Settings

  • KFI Mode  - Select either Key Frame Interval or Group of Pictures mode.
  • Key Frame Interval  - Adjust the amount of time between full picture refreshes (Key Frame Interval), or the amount of frames (GOP Length).
  • Frame Rate Selection  - Set the encoder frame rate to the exact figure or a fraction of the input frame rate.

Audio Settings

  • Audio Input  -  Configure the audio input source by selecting Embedded, Analog, or Mixed.
  • Bitrate Selection - Select from a list of bitrate figures, or manually enter a custom bitrate.
  • OSD Settings - Configure how the time is displayed on your stream. Select either SDI, Stream, or UTC timecodes, or select disable.
  • Overlay Settings - Select a file to overlay onto your video stream, then adjust the location of the image.
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