Teradek User Guide

System Configuration

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Essential system functions, including factory reset, firmware upgrade, and diagnostics reports can be performed from the System menu in the web UI.

  • SYSTEM/ABOUT - Displays Serv’s model and serial number, along with the following configurable options:
    • Restart Streaming Service: Restart your streaming platform. 
    • Reboot: Restart Serv
    • Factory Reset: Restore Serv to its original settings
  • FIRMWARE  - Check for new updates and upgrade Serv’s firmware to the latest version. If an update is available, simply follow the prompts to complete the firmware update.
  • SECURITY  - Add, change, or delete your password.
  • HTTPS -  Enable HTTPS to encrypt any data transmitted over the Internet.
  • PUBLIC SNAPSHOT - Enable/Disable Public Snapshot. Public Snapshot allows you to access snapshots via HTTP(S).
  • DATE & TIME  - Enter an NTP link to synchronize the time and date automatically.
  • DIAGNOSTICS  - Generate a diagnostic report for any encoder or decoder card. Diagnostic reports can be used by Teradek’s support team to assist during troubleshooting.

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