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Logging into Sharelink from the Vidiu X's Web UI

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To unlock the full potential of your Vidiu X, you will need a subscription to Sharelink. Sharelink allows you to stream to multiple destinations simultaneously, increase your bandwidth by bonding multiple Internet connections, and remotely manage your Vidiu X from anywhere in the world.

Once your Sharelink account is active, you just need to link it to your Vidiu X. The quickest and easiest way to do this is from Vidiu X's web UI. Follow the instructions below to link your Sharelink account to your Vidiu X.

From the Vidiu X web UI, navigate to the Streaming menu.

Select Sharelink, then click the Save button below.

Tap Link your account to display the authorization code.

Copy the authorization code generated for your Vidiu X (1), then click on the link (2) to return to the Sharelink web UI. If you haven't done so, log in to your Sharelink account.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Add new Vidiu button.

Enter the authorization code, then click Add.

Select a streaming server region then click Complete & Add.

Return to the Vidiu X web UI to confirm that your Sharelink account is linked. Both web interfaces should display the same preview image.

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