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Adjusting Your Vidiu X's Video and Audio Settings from the Vidiu App

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The VidiuX offers many fine controls for audio and video encoding settings. This allows you to customize your bitrate, resolution, framerate and more to optimize your live stream for your destination and internet bandwidth.

To learn more about choosing the right bitrate and resolution for your live stream, please refer to [this blog post].

Power your Vidiu X and connect to it via the Vidiu App.

Tap on the three dots on the upper right to enter the settings menu.

Tap Input/Encoding.

Tap on Video to enter the video settings screen.

Under resolution, choose whether resolution is Auto (automatically set to the input resolution) or one of the listed choices.

Under Bitrate Selection, choose List to choose from a list of presets or Custom to enter your own bitrate.

Under Framerate selection, choose Auto to have the framerate automatically set to the incoming HDMI signal’s framerate or Custom to choose your own framerate (tap the button for a list of available framerates).

Under Key Frame intervals, use the plus and minus buttons to choose how often a high quality keyframe is encoded. 

A lower number of seconds between key frames increases the image quality but may require higher bitrate and bandwidth to maintain the quality.

Tap the upper right Apply button to save your settings then the upper left back button to return to the Input/Encoding screen.

Tap on Audio to enter the audio settings screen.

Under Audio Input choose HDMI to use the audio feed from the HDMI connection if the audio you want for your program comes from the HDMI source (camera, switcher, etc).

Choose Analog to use the audio feed from a 3.5mm cable connected to the Vidiu X’s analog input port if you want to feed in audio from a separate microphone or audio mixer. 

Tap Mute to toggle mute, and silence the audio in your live stream.

Under Volume, tap the plus and minus buttons to adjust the volume level that’s outputting into your live stream.

Under bitrate selection, choose List and tap on the bitrate button to choose from a list of presets or Custom to set a specific bitrate in the field.

**Increasing the audio bitrate increases the audio quality but requires more bandwidth. Reducing the audio bitrate can save on bandwidth but lower audio quality. 128kbps is a good standard number to start with unless you have very limited bandwidth.

Tap the upper right Apply button to save your settings, then upper left back button twice to return to the main settings page and tap Done to return to the main control page.

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