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How to Connect Your Vidiu X to Sharelink from the Vidiu App

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Sharelink is Teradek’s cloud service that allows you to not only bond multiple internet connections to maximize bandwidth, but also allows you to stream to multiple destinations at once.

Getting your Vidiu X connected to Sharelink is a simple authorization process. First, you'll need to have a Sharelink account and have your Vidiu X be connected to the internet.

Be sure to [sign up for a Sharelink account at sharelink.tv] if you haven't already and login.

Power on your Vidiu X and connect to your Vidiu X via the Vidiu app. Refer to our [tutorial on connecting your Vidiu X to the Vidiu app].

In the Vidiu app, tap the three dots in the upper right corner to enter the settings page.

Tap Streaming, then tap Configure Destination.

Tap Sharelink.

Tap the button with the code to copy it and tap Login to open the Sharelink login page. Log into your Sharelink account to enter the main interface.

Once logged into your Sharelink account, in the Video sources tab in the VidiUs section, tap Add New Vidiu. In the window that pops up, paste the code you copied into the field and tap Add.

Choose the closest streaming service region to you and tap Complete & Add.

You will return return to the Vidiu app’s Sharelink destination page, confirming that you are logged into Sharelink.

To return to your Vidiu’s main control page, tap the upper left back button three times and tap Done to exit the settings menu.

You’ll need to set up your streaming destinations from the Sharelink Website. Please refer to [our Sharelink support documents] to learn how to set up destinations on Sharelink.

Once you have your destination(s) set up for your Vidiu X in the Sharelink website, you can tap Go Live in the Vidiu App.

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