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Vidiu X General FAQ

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What platforms can I stream to with Vidiu X?

You can stream to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and Wowza natively integrated within the Vidiu App. If you create a paid Sharelink account, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Legacy Live Stream, IBM Video Stream, and Wowza can be connected via a native integration. With a custom RTMP(s) and RTSP connection set up either within the Vidiu App or with an optional paid Sharelink account, you can set up a custom stream to virtually any platform, from Twitch to Kaltura and beyond!

What cameras are compatible with the Vidiu X?

The Vidiu X is compatible with any video source (camera or video player) that has an HDMI output and can output signals with 1080p resolution or lower, and 60p frames per second or lower.

Does Vidiu X have an app?

The Vidiu X can be controlled by the Vidiu App (iOS and Android), which allows you to control all settings and set up destinations right from the app. Additionally, the Vidiu X can be added as a video source in Airmix, Teradek’s live switching and streaming app for the iPad.

What resolutions and framerates can the Vidiu X stream?

The Vidiu X can stream up to 1080p60, giving it a wide range of uses: from streaming religious services to high-movement sporting events.

How can I connect the Vidiu X to the internet?

The Vidiu X can connect to the internet through WiFi, Ethernet, USB cellular modem and/or share a cell phone’s internet connection. With Teradek’s Sharelink cloud service, you can combine the bandwidth of all these connections (i.e. bonding) for a higher quality and more stable live stream.

What's the difference between Vidiu X and Vidiu Go?

The Vidiu X is a more affordable, entry-level encoder that gives you the same internet connectivity options, multi-destination streaming and network bonding abilities as the Vidiu Go. The Vidiu Go is more suited for the more demanding streamers looking for SDI connectivity, H.265 encoding, as well as more remote features like a built-in battery and two USB modems.

For a side by side comparison between the two models, refer to this chart here.

Can I record my video stream with the Vidiu X?

Yes! The Vidiu X has an SD memory card slot that can be set to record a video file of the stream in H.264. We recommend a Class 6 or higher SD card.

How do I get audio into the Vidiu X?

The Vidiu X can receive audio from either an HDMI embedded signal or a 3.5mm analogue source via the port on the Vidiu X. Currently, the Vidiu X does not mix the two sources together into the live stream program.

How do I power the Vidiu X?

The Vidiu X is powered through its USB-C power port. It can accept power from many standard USB charging adapters and USB Power Delivery (PD) power banks.

Can the Vidiu X stream to multiple destinations at once?

Yes! Using Sharelink, Teradek’s cloud service, you can expand your audience by streaming to many different platforms simultaneously.

Can the Vidiu X be used for 24/7 live streaming?

While the Vidiu X is NOT designed for 24/7 live streaming, it is possible to achieve with proper airflow for cooling and stable internet connection and power. However, we highly recommend using an encoder designed for 24/7 streaming like the Teradek Cube 600 and 700 series.

Is the Vidiu X supposed to run hot?

The Vidiu X does all the heavy lifting of encoding and streaming your video, so it will be warm to the touch. You can expect the temperature to rise up to between 40 and 55 degrees Celsius. To avoid overheating, make sure the Vidiu X is positioned in a way where there is plenty of room for ventilation on the bottom, where the vents are located.

Where can I get support for the Vidiu X?

Visit support.teradek.com or contact [email protected].

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