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Power and Connecting

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The Vidiu X is a versatile live streaming encoder with various streaming destinations and internet connectivity options. Let’s set it up for the first time.

First, power your Vidiu X by connecting a USB-C cable that is connected to a power source. We recommend a “PD” rated charger or battery pack.

Note: Your Vidiu X will automatically turn on when connected to power.

Connect a video source (such as a camera, video player, computer, etc) with an HDMI output to your Vidiu X by connecting one end of an HDMI cable to the HDMI out port on your video source and the other end to the HDMI In port of your Vidiu X.

If you wish to feed audio from a separate source (such as a sound board, etc), you can feed it in via the 3.5mm audio input port with a 3.5mm cable. Some audio sources may require an adapter to connect to the 3.5mm port.

If you’re connecting your Vidiu X to the internet via an ethernet network, connect your Vidiu X to the modem or internet-connected switcher via the ethernet port.

The internet connection indicator (cloud icon) will light up when there is an internet connection detected.

If you wish to pass the video source’s HDMI signal through the Vidiu X to a monitor or other device, you can do so by connecting one end of an HDMI cable to the HDMI Out port on the Vidiu X and the other end to your second device.

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