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Connecting to the Vidiu Mobile App

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You can change settings, preview video and control your Vidiu X right through the mobile app. You can connect to your device through WiFi in two different modes: Access Point and Client.

Access Point mode turns your Vidiu X into its own WiFi network to connect the Vidiu App and other devices. Note that it does not provide internet connection through this WiFi network. Client mode allows you to connect to an external WiFi network (such as in your home or office), and, with the iOS device connected to the same network, you can access your Vidiu X through the Vidiu App.

Let’s first connect through Access Point mode.

Turn on your Vidiu X by connecting it to power.

Download the free Vidiu App from the Apple App store or Google Play store.

Launch the Vidiu App. You will by default be prompted to choose your Vidiu X from the Choose Your Vidiu tab.

Now we will make sure the Vidiu X has its WiFi set to Access Point mode.

On your Vidiu X, click inwards or right on the direction button to enter the settings menu.

Scroll down until you reach Network Settings and click inwards or right.

Scroll down to Wireless and click inward or right. If not already in Access Point mode, with Mode selected, click down or right and select Access Point from the choices and click down or right.

Scroll down to select Name to see the name of the WiFi access point.

On your iOS device’s WiFi settings, connect to the WiFi network with the matching name.

Once connected, return to the Vidiu app and your Vidiu will show up under Choose Your Vidiu.

Tap on your device to enter its settings.

Another option to connect your Vidiu app to your Vidiu is to connect both to a WiFi network in Client mode. Follow [this tutorial on connecting your Vidiu X to a WiFi network].

Then, in your iOS device’s settings, connect to the same WiFi network.

Back in the Vidiu App, your device should show up on the Choose Your Vidiu screen.

Tap on your Vidiu X to enter it’s control page.

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