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Connecting Your Vidiu X to a WiFi Network From the Vidiu App

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You can connect your Vidiu X to a strong internet-connected WiFi network to stream to your desired platform and control via the app. In this tutorial, we will be covering how to connect to a WiFi network through the Vidiu App.

Before beginning, be sure to connect your Vidiu X to power. When connecting your Vidiu X to WiFi for the first time, its WiFi mode should already be set to Access Point. Access Point mode makes the Vidiu X operate as its own WiFi network without internet connection.

To confirm that the Vidiu X’s WiFi is in Access Point mode and to check the name of its own WiFi network, click inward on the control button to enter the settings menu.

Scroll down to Network Settings and click inward to select.

Scroll down to Wireless and click inward to select.

Confirm that the Mode is Access Point.

On your mobile device WiFi settings, look for the Vidiu X’s WiFi network and tap on it to connect.

Launch the Vidiu app

You will first enter the Choose Your Vidiu screen.

Your Vidiu X will show up in the Vidiu list. Tap on it to enter its main control page.

Tap on the three dots on the upper right to enter the settings page.

Tap on Network.

From the list that shows up, tap on WiFi.

Under WiFi mode, tap on the Client tab.

Tap on Wi-Fi scan.

From the list of detected WiFi networks, tap the network you wish to connect to.

You will be warned that once the Vidiu X goes into Client mode and connects to the WiFi network, your phone will be disconnected from the Vidiu X. Tap Continue.

You will be prompted to enter the WiFi network’s password. Enter the password and tap Continue.

Your Vidiu X will now switch to Client mode and connect to your chosen WiFi network.

Your phone will automatically be connected to the same wifi network the Vidiu X was switched to and return to the Choose Your Vidiu screen. 

You can tap on the Vidiu X on this screen to re-enter its main control screen.

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