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How to Stream to Via RTMP with Your Vidiu X Via the Vidiu App

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RTMP is a way to stream to a platform without having to log in or authenticate with the Vidiu X. 

Many platforms, like Youtube, allow you to copy RTMP URL and Stream Key information to enter into software and hardware encoder settings (in this case, the Vidiu X) for a direct pathway to stream to their platforms.

Here, we will show you how to set up an RTMP destination from within the Vidiu App. You will need to have your RTMP url and stream key ready to enter. Each platform will have this information located in a different place.

Connect to your Vidiu X via the [Vidiu App] and enter the device UI.

Tap on the three dots on the upper right to enter your Vidiu X’s settings.

Tap on Streaming, then tap Configure Destination.


Enter/paste your destination’s RTMP URL in the URL field.

Enter/paste your stream key into the stream field. Note: Typically, you will not need to enter a Username and Password, or adjust the User Agent. Just the URL and Stream Key will usually be all that’s needed.

Tap Apply to save your settings.

Tap the upper left back icon three times until you reach the settings menu. Then tap Done.

Tap Go Live to start live streaming. Tap Stop Broadcast to end your live stream.

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