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Connecting Your Vidiu X to a WiFi Network From the Vidiu X’s Screen

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You can connect your Vidiu X to a strong internet-connected WiFi network to stream to your desired platform and control via the app.

There are three ways to connect to a WiFi network, from Vidiu app, the  Web UI or from the Vidiu X’s screen itself. In this tutorial, we will be covering how to connect to a WiFi network through the Vidiu X’s screen.

To connect from the device, with your Vidiu X powered up, click inward on the control button to enter the settings menu.

Scroll down to Network Settings and click to enter. 

Scroll down to Wireless and click to enter WiFi settings.

With Mode selected, click to choose from three modes. Select Client and click to select and apply the setting. 

Click down to setup and click.

Click on Visible Networks.

Scroll down to the WiFi network you wish to connect to and click on it. Click Confirm on the prompt that appears. 

You will be prompted for the WiFi password. Enter it by scrolling through the character list and click on OK to save.

A confirmation prompt will appear when connection is successful. Click left to return to previous screens.

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