Teradek User Guide

Network Configuraton


Configure Prism’s network interface and encryption options by opening the Network menu from the web UI. 


  • WIFI Mode (WiFi only) - 
    • Access Point (AP): Prism Flex acts as its own dual band access point, allowing you to connect your device directly to Prism Flex’s AP network, and for bonding multiple cellular devices for increased bandwidth.
    • Client: Prism Flex and your mobile device connect to the same local wireless network. Client Mode is typically used for normal Wi-Fioperating and connecting to your local router
  • IP Mode 
    • Dynamic (DHCP): When set to DHCP, Prism will request an IP address and network configuration from the network’s DHCP server.
    • Static: When set to Static, you will need to manually configure the IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS server to connect to the network.
  • MTU  (Wireless or Modem only) - MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) represents the maximum packet or frame size that can be transmitted via Ethernet. The larger the MTU of a connection, the more data that can be passed in a single Ethernet packet.
  • Authentication (Node II/USB Modem only) - 
    • Auto: The modem is automatically detected and configured. Prism Flex supports many modems worldwide using his setting.
    • PAP (Password Authentication Protocol): Requires a username and password to establish a network connection.
    • CHAP (Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol): Authenticates a user or network host to an authenticating entity (e.g., an internet service provider).

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