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Teradek regularly releases new firmware versions to improve performance, add new features, or fix vulnerabilities. Teradek RT Manager allows you to upgrade your RT device’s firmware and is available as software for Mac or Windows.


  • Upgrade - Update your RT controller, receiver, or ACI with the latest firmware.
  • Motors - Update your RT motors with the latest firmware.
  • Lens Maps - Retrieve lens maps from the controller or upload lens maps to the controller.
  • Status - Displays detailed information about configuration and update status.
  • About - Displays the software version and License Agreement.

Upgrade CTRL.3, MDR.X, or MDR.S

To upgrade CTRL.1 or any legacy product like the MK3.1 controller and Latitude or MK3.1 receivers, you must use RTFW (see Upgrade CTRL.1 with RTFW).

1. Connect power to your controller or receiver, then connect it to your computer via USB (Mini-USB for CTRL.3 or MDR.X, USB-C for MDR.S).
2. Open RT Manager, then load the firmware file from either your computer or the web.

  • Load from Web - If you have an Internet connection, click Load from Web to download the latest firmware package from Teradek’s servers.
  • Load from PC - Click Load from PC if you have already downloaded the firmware package you wish to use. For the latest firmware, visit: http://www.teradek.com/pages/downloads#teradekrt

3. Once the firmware is loaded, click Next to proceed with the upgrade. You will then be presented with a list of device components and whether or not they are scheduled to be updated, along with two options:

  • Start Upgrade - Update your RT controller or receiver with the latest firmware version.
  • Advanced Options - View detailed version information for each component and the firmware upgrade package components. The Advanced screen also allows users to select which components to upgrade.

Upgrade MOTR.S or MOTR.X

To upgrade your MOTR.S or MOTR.X, you must connect to your computer from a receiver.

  1. Connect power to your MDR.X or MDR.S receiver, then connect it via USB to your computer.
  2. Press and hold the axis select button on the motor until the F and Z LEDs begin to blink repeatedly, then connect your motor to the receiver. If using the MDR.X: Connect the motor to the middle port on your MDR.X, while holding down the axis select button.

3. Open RT Manager, then load the firmware file from either your computer or the web.
4. Select the motor model, then click Start Upgrade. When prompted, click Yes.

Upgrade CTRL.1 with RTFW

RTFW allows you to upgrade the CTRL.1 controller or other older RT devices’ firmware and is available as software for Mac or Windows. Visit https://teradek.com/pages/downloads#teradekrt and download RTFW.

  1. Launch RTFW, and make sure the device you intend to update is turned off.
  2. Using the included USB cable, connect the CTRL.1 to your computer. Once connected, turn ON CTRL.1. Your controller is now in PC Mode. RTFW will display Connected to Device at the top, indicating that the app has detected and connected to the controller.
  3. Under Which Device to Update, select CTRL.1 from the drop-down menu.
  4. Under Firmware, use the drop-down menu to select a firmware version for your device, then click Update Device.
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