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The Teradek RT App for iOS devices allows users to configure all of the major functions via Bluetooth such as motor axis selection, creating lens maps, start/stop, and includes virtual sliders for calibrating FIZ controls on the MDR.S. 



1. Download the Bolt App.

2. Navigate to ADV>BLUETOOTH on the MDR.S, then select YES to enable.

3. Enable Bluetooth on your cellular device, then open the Teradek RT app. Your device will automatically detect your MDR.S if it is within range.

4. Select the RT device(s) you want to configure.


  • SETTINGS - Tap the settings button (three dots) on the top right corner of the screen to view or customize the following settings:
    • Device Info - Displays the serial number and current firmware versions of the receiver and the serial numbers for the connected controller and motor(s).
    • Device Settings - Adjust the Wireless Channel, Wireless Power, Camera Type, and Motor Torque settings.
    • Firmware Upgrade - Displays the current firmware versions of the receiver and allows you to perform a firmware upgrade if an update is available. NOTE: Tap the Advanced button at the top right corner to re-download the firmware package, upgrade only certain firmware package contents, or force a firmware upgrade.
  • RECEIVER - Displays the current wireless channel, wireless power, and the motor torque.
  • CAMERA - Displays the camera type and Recording button. NOTE: To begin recording, tap the button.
  • CONTROLLER - Displays the paired controller and assigned motor classes.
  • MOTORS - Displays the connected motor(s) and corresponding class.
  • LENS MAPPING - Displays the assigned lens map.
  • MOTOR CONTROL BUTTON - Allows you to control the motor(s) from the RT app.


1. Open the RT app, then select the device (MDR.S or controller) the motor(s) are configured to.

2. Tap the Settings icon on the top-right corner, select Device Settings, then scroll down to the motor you want to assign a specific axis to.

3. Tap the Class button to select an axis. From this menu, you can also configure the motor’s response speed and orientation. 


1. Open the RT app, then select your receiver from the main screen.

2. Tap the Settings icon on the top-right corner, select Lens Mapping, then tap the Create New Lens Map button at the bottom of the screen.

3. Select the lens manufacturer, then create a name to identify the lens map.

4. If the lens is a prime lens, tap the Prime Lens switch, then enter the Focal Length (e.g. 35mm, 85mm).

5. Select the axis you want to map (Focus, Iris, Zoom). Make sure a motor is attached to the corresponding ring, and that both the motor and MDR.S are set to the same axis.

6. Move the virtual knob for the motor to adjust the lens ring to the smallest mark.

7. Using the Up and Down buttons on the right, enter the corresponding mark, then select Insert. Repeat this step for all marks until they have all been mapped.

8. Press the Back button to select additional axis to map. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each axis you want to map.

9. Press the Back button once more, then tap Save at the top right corner. You will then be prompted whether or not to apply the Lens Map. 


1. Launch the RT app, then select the receiver to which the motor(s) are configured to.

2. Tap the Motor Control button at the bottom of the screen.

3. Select an axis, then use your finger to move the displayed slider up and down. The motor will adjust the lens ring according to the slider’s movements.

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