Teradek User Guide

Connect and Power

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  1. Mount the receiver (MDR.S or MDR.X) to your camera, then connect power to the receiver's power input.
  2. Attach the motors (MOTR.X or MOTR.S) to the camera rods and/or lens.
  3. Rotate the lens ring so that it’s not too close to either end stop, then mesh the motor’s drive gear with the lens ring gear. 
  4. Connect the motors to any available motor port on the receiver using a 4-pin connector. If connecting two or more motors, use a 4-pin to 4-pin connector to daisy-chain them together. The motors will begin calibrating. NOTE: Power input must not exceed 17V for MOTR.X and 32V for MOTR.S. If you see evidence of backlash affecting accuracy, make sure that your mount, rails, and camera are extremely rigid, as mounting flex is the main cause of inaccuracy. 
  5. Insert an LP-E6 battery in the controller and hold down the POWER button for two seconds.
  6. Use one of two methods to pair your controller with the receiver (see Pairing). 
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