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MOTR.S and MOTR.S MAX Lens Motors set a new standard in lens control technology. MOTR.S Motors are ultra-lightweight, compact, and blazing fast at up to 297 teeth per second. MOTR.S MAX Motors are the high-torque wireless lens-control solution specifically for heavy-duty lenses with stiff, grinding gears. MOTR.S delivers 0.3Nm peak torque while MOTR.S MAX delivers 0.8 Nm of continuous torque for precise focus-pulling on heavy-duty lenses. Both motors boast durable, all-aluminum construction and reinforced sockets, a revolutionary quick-release gear system for intuitive setup and quick transitions, and are compatible with all previous RT handsets, receivers, and daisy-chainable motors.


MOTR.X provides six times the service life of conventional brushed motors and features new in/out motor ports for data and power, allowing MOTR.X units to be daisy-chained from one unit to the next. MOTR.X is compatible with all Teradek RT wireless FI+Z systems and achieves the perfect balance between size, weight, and torque.

Pin-Out Connection and Descriptions


●  MOTR.X and MOTR.S are powerful devices that are capable of causing injury or damage. Use caution when touching the drive gear if the device is powered on.
●  The motor is not to be used on extremely stiff or damaged lenses.
●  The motor requires no user maintenance. Opening the motor can affect its internal calibration and void the warranty.
●  The motor body is used as a heatsink for the brushless windings. It may get warmer than a brush-type motor. 


To manually assign an axis (Focus, Iris, Zoom) to the motor(s), press and hold the Axis Button for one second, then release it once the correct class indicator is illuminated. 

To assign or change the motor’s axis from the controller (MOTR.X only), select SET CLASS from the controller’s MOTORS menu. The motors will be listed according to the last four digits of the motor’s serial number (found at the bottom of the motor).


Other performance parameters (performance mode, direction of rotation, etc.) can also be modified from the controller’s MOTORS menu. Below is a list of available motor specific menu items.

  • RECALIB - Calibrate end stops for motors
  • RESPONSE - Adjust the motor’s response time
  • SET CLASS (MOTR.X only) - Assign or change a motor(s) particular class
  • SET SERIAL - Change the motor(s) serial number
  • ACCURACY - Alter the motor’s backlash compensation
  • TORQUE - Configure the motor torque settings and power consumption
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