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How to Upgrade your Bolt 4K LT HDMI to include the new 6GHz Mode

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6GHz Mode is region dependent. 

Based on current government requirements, Teradek provides 6GHz Mode only in the US and Canada. As more governments open the 6GHz frequencies for public use, we will update the Bolt 4K firmware for compatibility with 6GHz frequencies free of charge. Check out the latest regions that support 6GHz here

If you have completed this process, but still do not see the Band option in the Wireless Settings and you are in the US or Canada, please contact our Support Team to request a region change. 

What you need to Upgrade:

  • New 6GHz Antennas (11-0927) - $129 for set of 7 
  • Latest Bolt 4K LT HDMI Firmware - Free Download Here

Upgrade Process  

  1. Purchase and install new Antennas (7x 2dBi 4.9-7.3Ghz RP-SMA).
    1. Remove Set Screws using a 1.3mm Hex key.
  1. Unscrew 5.1 GHz to 5.8 GHz Antennas. 
  2. Replace with 4.9 GHz to 7.3 GHz Antennas.
  3. Replace Set Screws. 
  1. Download Bolt Manager for Mac or PC.
  2. Connect your Bolt 4K LT HDMI TX via UBC-C (Thunderbolt cable will not work) to your computer.
  3. Download the latest Bolt 4K firmware.
  1. Load from Web - click Load from Web to automatically download the latest firmware package from Teradek’s servers.
  2. Load from PC - Click Load from PC if you have already downloaded the firmware package you wish to use. For the latest firmware, visit: https://www.teradek.com/pages/downloads#bolt4k
  1. Install Firmware.
    1. Once the firmware is loaded, and information about the package is displayed, click Next to proceed with the upgrade. You will then be presented with a list of device components and whether or not they are scheduled to be updated, along with two options:
      1. Start Upgrade - Update your Bolt 4K device(s) with the latest firmware version.
      2. Advanced Options - View detailed version information for each component and the firmware upgrade package components. The Advanced Options screen also allows users to select which components to upgrade.
  2. Repeat the process for Bolt 4K LT HDMI RX

TX and RX should now have 6GHz mode. However, the default will still be 5GHz Mode. There are two ways to enable 6 GHz Mode. NOTE: Both the TX and RX must have 6GHz enabled (this is not automatic between the two).  

You will also need to re-pair all RX units after switching to 6GHz Mode. 

  1. On Device Display: Main Menu > Wireless Settings > Band > 6GHz 
  2. Bolt Manager App (iOS and Android): Status / Configuration > Select Unit > Menu (three dots in the top right of the app) > Wireless Settings > Band > 6GHz

Now you are ready to use the new 6GHz spectrum. Check out the Spectrum Analyzer in the Bolt Manager App (iOS and Android) to see what frequencies may have interference in your area!

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