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Configuration for Priority Data Europe

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Configuring Priority Data on Teradek Prism Devices (2.21 or higher)

  1. Insert your SIM into the Prism Mobile or Node device.
  2. From the web UI, navigate to the Network menu and select the corresponding Modem.
  3. Depending on which hardware you have, you have a couple of options
    • Prism Mobile and Node II- Select which slot you inserted your sim into.
    • Prism Mobile MK II / 5G / Node 5G - Move the slot to slot II/Physical slot
    • Node IIv2 - Slot 1
  4. If it's not already selected, Select Teradek Priority Data Europe from the Configuration drop-down menu
  5. Select your SIM carrier (KPN, 3, or Elisa)
  6. If it's not already selected, Click the Auto Carrier tab, then click Save.

Custom Carrier Locking (2.21 only)

For custom carrier locking, you must know the PLMN of the carrier you want to connect to

  1. Assuming you have followed the above steps to get the SIM connection working. 
  2. Click the Carrier Lock tab.
  3. Enter in the PLMN number and click Save.  The modem will restart and attempt to register on the selected network

Third-Party Modems and Firmware 2.20 and below

Third Party modems should work with the Priority Data but may require APN entry.  Data Roaming must be on to support multi country.


Data Roaming: on

KPN APN:  geniox.m2m

3 APN: drei.at

Elisa APN: internet

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