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Teradek Data eSIM built into Teradek Products

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What Products Support the built-in eSIM?

Teradek Data is built into certain Teradek Products using a built-in eSIM. To activate these sims, please contact [email protected].

Node 5G

The Node 5G supports a Teradek Data eSIM tied to our services. The configuration should be set for you in firmware 2.21?

Serial ending in 101-420 - Teradek Priority Data

Serial ending in 421 and above - Teradek Standard Data


Prism Mobile Mk II & Prism Mobile 5G (non-gov)

The Prism Mobile Mk II & Prism Mobile 5G support Teradek Standard Data in slot 1, usually labeled eSIM.  The configuration should be set to Teradek Standard Data





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