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Node II CBRS Quick Start Guide

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Node II CBRS is a small yet effective cellular modem solution that allows video professionals to broadcast over 4G LTE networks.  In addition to public networks, the Node II CBRS support CBRS frequencies in the United States. Node’s rugged aluminum chassis and professional locking 5-pin connector ensure it can be operated under rigorous conditions.




1x  Node II CBRS Module assembly
1x  Long Multi-band Antenna
1x   Short Multi-band SMA antenna
1x  5-pin to USB Type A connector cable, 5-pin to USB-C connector cable, or 5-pin to 5pin Connector - 12in


Node II CBRS powers up and connects to the cellular network automatically when connected to a Teradek device.

  1. Attach an antenna (either compact or high gain) to Node II’s SMA connector (A).
  2. Detach the SIM cover plate and insert a SIM card into one or both slots (E). Reattach the cover plate and screw when you’re done.
  3.  Attach the 5-pin to 5-pin/USB locking connector cable to Node by aligning the red dots on both the connector and Node's receptacle, then push the connector in to lock it in place.
  4. Connect Node to a Teradek device using the included 5-pin to 5-pin/USB connector cable.
  5. Verify that the Power (C) and Network (D) indicators are illuminated.
  6. From your Teradek device’s web UI, navigate to the Network menu and select the corresponding USB (Node II) modem. Ensure that all the fields (Manufacturer, Model, Carrier, etc.) are populated (see image).
  7. To remove the 5-pin to 5-pin/USB locking connector from Node II, grasp the connector's outer shell and pull it down to disengage the lock mechanism.

DO NOT attempt to disconnect the plug by pulling on the cable or twisting the connector in any way. Doing so will damage or break the contacts.

NOTE: If you are connecting your Node II to a Cube/Bond 600 or 700, make sure you’re using firmware version 8.2.19 or later. 

NOTE: Node II supports most provider's SIM card and can operate on most LTE/4G/3G data bands. With dual SIM slots, you can swap from one provider to another without needing to unplug the Node II. Only one SIM card can be used at a time.


Nodes devices are compatible with Telna SIM cards. Telna SIM cards provide high-speed, multi-carrier 4G LTE coverage with simple pay-as-you-go pricing and automatic network switching so you always have the best connection at any location.

1. Remove the SIM cover plate and insert a Telna SIM card into one or both slots. Reattach the cover plate and screw.

2From your Teradek device’s web page, navigate to the Network menu and select the corresponding USB (Node II) modem. 

3. Select the slot with the SIM you will be using (Slot 1 or Slot 2).

4. Enter altanwifi for either North America or Europe Telna SIM cards into the selected slot's APN field (Slot 1 or 2). 

5. Ensure that both Configuration mode and Authentication method are set to Auto.


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