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Essential system functions, including factory reset, firmware upgrade, and diagnostics reports can be performed from the System menu in the web UI. 

  • System/About - Displays ART’s model and serial number, along with the following configurable options:
    • Restart Streaming Service: Restarts the ART codec processes
    • Reboot: Restart ART.
    • Factory Reset: Restore ART to its original settings
  • Codec - Select the codec mode (Encoder, Decoder or both).
  • Firmware  - This setting allows you to check for new updates and upgrade ART’s firmware to the latest version. If an update is available, simply follow the prompts to complete the firmware update.
  • Security  - Add, change, or delete your password.
  • HTTPS -  HTTPS can be enabled to encrypt traffic between the browser and ART.
  • Date & Time  - Configure the system's date and time parameters by entering either your specific time zone or an NTP server link.
  • Diagnostics  - Generate a diagnostic report for any encoder or decoder card. Diagnostic reports can be used by Teradek’s support team to assist during troubleshooting.

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