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ART has two Ethernet ports that allow you to have two different networks. Configure ART's Ethernet network interfaces, encryption options, and IP mode by opening the Network menu from the web UI. 

Gigabit Ethernet Ports
ART features two independent Ethernet ports (Wired 1, Wired 2). These two Ethernet ports allow an encoder and/or decoder to have two addressable ports as well as two different networks.

Internet routing is configured automatically, so either port can be used to stream out over a WAN. If both connections have Internet access, the Wired 2 interface takes priority over Wired 1. Both interfaces can be configured for DHCP or Static addresses independently of one another.

Network Settings

  • Internet Speed Test - Check your network's Internet speed.
  • Priority - Select which Ethernet interface ART will prioritize for network and Internet connectivity
  • IP Mode 
    • Dynamic (DHCP): ART will request an IP address and network configuration from the network’s DHCP server. 
    • Static: You will need to manually configure the IP address, subnet mask gateway, and DNS server to connect to the network.
      • Default IP Address:
      • Subnet Mask:
      • Default Gateway:
  • MTU - MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) represents the maximum packet or frame size that can be transmitted via Ethernet. The larger the MTU of a connection, the more data that can be passed in a single Ethernet packet.
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