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Getting Started

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1. Connect a video source to the encoder's SDI or HDMI input.

2. Connect the video output to your monitor or switcher.

3. Connect power to ART using the included IEC cable. 

4. Connect an Ethernet cable from one of ART’s 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports to a network switch or router on the same network as the computer you’re using. By default, the Ethernet interfaces are configured as follows:

  • Wired 1: DHCP - ART will request an IP address and network configuration from the network’s DHCP server.
  • Wired 2: Static - You will need to manually configure the IP address, subnet mask gateway, and DNS server to connect to the network.

Wired 2 Default Configuration

  • Default IP Address: 
  • Subnet Mask: 
  • Default Gateway:

5. Press the Power button (A) to turn on the unit. Ensure that the power switch (H) is also on.

6. Once ART is connected to a network, you can access the web UI via the Teradek Discovery App or Ethernet 2's Static default IP address

  • Teradek Discovery App:
    1. Download the Teradek Discovery App from the Teradek website.
    2. Launch Teradek Discovery. 
    3. From the side list, locate and select your ART system.
  • Static IP via Ethernet 2 port:
    1. Connect an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet 2 port. Ensure your computer is configured to any available IP address in the range.
    2. Enter the IP address in your web browser’s navigation bar to access the web UI.

By default, ART's web UI is not password protected. This allows anyone with access to the web UI to modify or change your settings.  To establish a web UI password, or to change it, navigate to System, select Security, then follow the prompts. 

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