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ART encoders and decoders can be remotely accessed, configured, and controlled using Teradek‚Äôs Core Cloud management and routing service. Core is a professional cloud-based solution for managing, archiving, and routing Teradek encoders and decoders. With Core, you can remotely control ART from anywhere in the world.

Link ART to Core

1. From the web UI, select Cloud Services then click the Link this Device tab.

2. Log in to Core: Enter your Core account e-mail and password to link ART to your Core account, then click Next.
Link with Code: Copy the authorization code generated for your ART, then follow the instructions.

3. Select an Organization (if applicable).

4. Once a connection is established, you can configure and control ART from the Core dashboard.

1. From the Core dashboard, click Servers from the left menu bar on the Core dashboard, then click + Launch Streaming Server.

2. After clicking +Launch Streaming Server, you will be prompted to select a Hyperion or Helios server. Click Continue with Helios.

3. Enter a Server name (optional), then enable the ART feature. Click Next.

4. Input Settings are automatically configured to use the ART (Adaptive Reliable Transport) Protocol. Click Next again to configure your output settings.

5. In the Output Settings, enable High Network Performance if you will be sharing video with 30 or more clients or send high bitrate video (10 Mbps or higher). Otherwise, you can disable it. 

6. Select whether you want the server to be billed monthly or hourly, then select the Server Deployment region. Click Launch Server when done.

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