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Can I down-convert from 4K to HD to display video on an HD Monitor?

Yes. Even if you feed the transmitter a 4K signal, you can output an HD signal from a paired receiver. Output settings are configured on the receiver (see Configuration) or the Bolt App.

Will Bolt 4K work with my current Bolt?

No. Previous generation Bolts cannot communicate with Bolt 4K. Bolt 4K uses a different RF system along with a unique chipset not found in any of the previous generation Bolts.

Does Bolt 4K support SDI Metadata/ancillary data passthrough?

Bolt 4K supports a limited subset of SDI ancillary data (metadata) from certain cameras. The following data can be passed wirelessly from the transmitter to the receiver:

 ● Start/stop record flags

 ● Time code

 ● File/clip name (RED and ARRI cameras) 

 ● Full metadata except for LUTs (ARRI cameras) 

The following cameras are capable of transmitting SDI ancillary data, although any camera with a time code embedded in the SDI signal should work:

RED Epic, Scarlet - Supports time code, record start/stop, and file/clip name

ARRI - Supports full metadata (except for LUTs)

Canon C300/C500/XF305/XF105 - Supports time code and record start/stop
Sony VENICE F3/F5/F55 - Supports time code and record start/stop

Panasonic - Supports time code

The Bolt App does not display my Bolt 4K unit.

Ensure that both your Bolt 4K and cellular device have Bluetooth enabled (see Bolt App). By default, Bluetooth is disabled on your Bolt 4K device until you enable it.

Can I use any SDI or HDMI cable with my Bolt 4K units?            

No. You should make sure that your SDI or HDMI cable is capable of handling 6G or 12G video. If using HDMI cables, it is recommended that you use an HDMI 2.0 compatible cable, and regularly check if your cables are still functional. HDMI cables are extremely delicate and repeated bending can damage the internal wiring to the point where it will no longer send a signal (especially a 4K signal).

How many receivers can I link to one Bolt 4K transmitter?

You can link up to six Bolt 4K receivers to any single Bolt 4K transmitter.

What are the A/C power requirements for Bolt 4K?                                  
Bolt 4K devices require more power than any of our previous products. When powering Bolt 4K from an A/C outlet, use only the included A/C adapter. This A/C adapter has a higher voltage capacity that meets Bolt 4K’s increased power requirements. Lower-rated A/C adapters are not supported, and using one will affect Bolt 4K’s performance and capabilities. NOTE: These requirements only apply if you are using an A/C outlet to power on Bolt 4K. Using a compatible battery and accessory cable as a power source will not affect Bolt 4K’s performance.

Supported A/C adapters:
● 9V 2.0A (18W)

● 12V 1.5A (18W)

● 12V 3.0A (included with Bolt 4K)

● 12V 2.5A (30W)

● 24V 2.5A (60W)

Not supported:

● 12V 1.25A (15W)

Can I install battery plates on my Bolt 4K units myself?                                
Yes. Recent changes to the device's chassis allows the user to assemble and install battery plates on either the receiver or transmitter. Earlier Bolt 4k units required battery plates to be installed only by a trained technician at a Certified Teradek Repair Center. Contact Teradek to verify if your device's metalwork is the latest.

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