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Updating Your Spark 4K Firmware

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Teradek continually improves the functionality of the Spark 4K through firmware updates. Please check our Downloads page regularly for updates.

You will need a computer with Launchpad installed (install from our downloads site) to update the firmware of your Spark 4K transmitter and receiver. Additionally, the Spark 4K receiver must be powered by the included DC barrel power adapter for the update.

Let's Get Started

First, connect either the Spark 4K transmitter or receiver to your computer via the USB-C port. The receiver cannot be powered by the computer’s USB port alone and needs to be powered by the included 12v DC barrel adapter.

Launch Launchpad on your computer. The currently connected Spark device will show up under Device Type.

Click on the Upgrade tab and click Load from Web to have Launchpad automatically detect the latest version, or click Load from PC to load a firmware you manually downloaded from the Teradek downloads page.

Once the firmware has been selected, click Next, then click Start Upgrade! The upgrade process will take a few minutes.

Unplug your device and repeat this process for any other Spark 4K devices you may have. Spark 4K transmitters and receivers should run on matching firmware versions.

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