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Unpairing Spark 4K Devices from the Launchpad App

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If you need to unpair Spark 4K devices, you can do so easily from the Launchpad App available from the Apple App store for iOS, Teradek download site for Desktop or the Google Play store for Android.

Let's Get Started

Before you begin, install the Launchpad app on your device and launch it.

Power on the devices you wish to unpair and make sure bluetooth is enabled on the devices via the small button on the back.

On the Launchpad app, tap Status / Configuration. Then tap on one of the devices you wish to unpair.

In the device’s statistics page, tap the three dots on the upper right corner to enter Settings, then tap Pairing. The following page will display all paired devices. This page will look slightly different between the transmitter and receiver settings.

On the transmitter settings, you can tap on a specific device to unpair or, if you have multiple devices paired, you can tap Unpair all to disconnect all devices. Confirm by tapping Unpair and your devices will be unpaired.

On the receiver settings, first tap Remove and then tap the red button and following Delete button. Then confirm by tapping Remove and your devices will be unpaired.

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