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Viewing Status and Configuration with the Launchpad App

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You can view detailed statistics on your Spark 4K units as well as perform basic configuration through the Teradek Launchpad app, which you can download for either iOS, Android or Desktop.

Viewing the signal strength graphs on the receiver status page is especially useful for "mapping" out your space for any weaknesses in video signal. Refer below to where we discuss viewing the receiver status.

Let's Get Started

Enable Bluetooth on both the transmitter and receiver by pressing the button on the back of both units. The front display should show “BLE: ON”.

Launch the Launchpad app (download from the Apple App Store for iOS, Teradek downloads for Desktop or Google Play if you haven’t already). Tap Status / Configuration.

Tap your Spark 4K transmitter from the list to view it’s statistics.

Here you will see detailed statistics of the video feed, signal strength, frequency, etc.

Tap the three dots in the upper right corner to enter Settings.

In Settings, you can unpair Spark 4K devices, change the Transmitter’s on screen display (OSD) name, see System Info (where you can also update firmware), and register your device. We cover these functions in later tutorials.

Back in the Select your Device screen, tap the Receiver to see its statistics.

In the Receiver statistics, you can tap the tabs to see different graphs of Signal Quality, Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) and Range. The Status below is similar to the statistics for the transmitter.

This is useful for preparing for your stream by “mapping” out the shooting space for signal strength.  With the receiver’s status open in the app, you can move your transmitter to different potential locations that it may be set up. You can make note of any signal strength issues in each of the locations and plan the transmitter’s position accordingly.

Tap the three dots in the upper right corner to enter Settings.

The settings options are the same for the Receiver as for the Transmitter. We cover these options in other tutorials.

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