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Connecting Your Hardware

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Teradek Spark 4K is an easy way to avoid using a long HDMI cable and still get a zero latency (<1ms) 4K HDMI signal from up to 500 feet away. It finds the clearest channel for you, making setup easy.

Before we get started, remember to make sure the Spark 4K transmitter has adequate ventilation on the bottom and that none of the receiver’s vents in the faceplate or backplate are blocked. During operation, the metal plates on the transmitter and receiver will normally get very warm. This is because the plates act as a heat sink for the devices and are designed to dissipate.

For optimal signal transmission, we recommend placing both the transmitter and receiver 6 feet above the ground and 6 feet away from other transmitters. Mounting both on light stands using the 1/4-20 mounts on the bottom is advisable.

Let's Get the Spark 4K Up and Running

Plug both your Teradek Spark 4K transmitter (Tx) and receiver into power via USB-C - or the included 12v DC barrel adapter for the receiver (Rx). We recommend connecting to USB-C power sources capable of 15 watts or more.

You can simultaneously use and charge your Spark 4K Tx when using adapters and batteries that provide 15 watts and above. For example, an adapter that supports 5V=3A and 9V=2.22A output (multiplay voltage by amperage for wattage).

Connect your video source (camera, laptop, switcher, etc) to the Spark 4K transmitter via its HDMI input. 

Please note that the Spark 4K is not compatible with HDCP signals such as blu-ray players playing copy protected content.

Additionally, the Spark is not compatible with Apple’s USB-C AV Multiport adapter (A1621).

Connect your video destination (TV, projector, switcher, etc) to the Spark 4K receiver via its HDMI output.

With your video source and destination powered on, switch both the Spark 4K transmitter and receiver on.

The Spark 4K transmitter and receiver will quickly boot up and connect to each other on the cleanest wireless frequency band. You should now be receiving video from the Spark 4K receiver.

On the display of the transmitter, you can check the transmission status, power source, temperature, video format, current frequency and bluetooth status (BLE).

On the display of the receiver, you can check the power source, video format, receiving status, current frequency and link quality.

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