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Pairing a Spark 4K Transmitter and Receiver

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All Teradek Spark 4K kits come paired straight out of the box. If, for any reason, a Spark 4K transmitter and receiver are not paired, you can easily re-pair them using the Launchpad iOS, MacOS or Android app.

Let's Get Started

First, install the Teradek Launchpad app for iOS, Android or Desktop.

With both units powered on, on both units, press the small button on the back to enable bluetooth. Both units should show “BLE On” on their front screens.

Start the Launchpad app and tap Pairing

Tap to select your transmitter from the list and tap “Next”

Tap to select your receiver from the list and tap “Pair!”

After a few moments, your transmitter and receiver will be paired and you will be ready to send video through your Spark 4K kit.

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